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Can enzymes be used for healthy weight management?

July 5, 2022 by Leyla Moudden
Can enzymes be used for healthy weight management?


Not only can the lipase enzymes in Lypo Gold break down the fat we eat, but enzymes can improve our metabolism, helping us to lose weight the healthy way.*


Lipase for Fat Digestion: Lipase is the enzyme that breaks down and helps us digest fat. Giving the body an extra boost of lipase can take stress off the gallbladder, liver and pancreas. When taken between meals, these enzymes can give us some great systemic support and can even be stored in the liver for later use.

Promoting Healthy Metabolism*: When we break down our food better with the help of enzymes, our body is better able to digest food instead of turning it into fat. This method of weight loss may take a while, but it is healthier and lasts longer. Best of all, it doesn’t harm the body at all. Of course, there is no magic pill for weight loss and enzymes and supporting metabolism are only one piece of the puzzle, to be combined with exercise and healthy habits.