Enzymes and Nutrition

December 14, 2022 by Leyla Moudden
Enzymes and Nutrition

Enzymes and Nutrition – A Successful Pair

In order to function optimally and generate everything it needs, the body requires 6 major elements – proteins, carbohydrates, fats, essential vitamins and essential minerals. These ‘essential’ elements are so called because the only way they are available to the body is by eating them. Our ancestors would have got all these nutrients by growing and harvesting seasonally grown food and preparing it at home for all of the family – long before food processing, pesticides, herbicides and mass manufacturing ever existed. In this modern age, our food and drinks are not only nutritionally depleted but have been altered to such an extent that they are bathed in ‘anti nutrients’. These virtually unavoidable environmental factors such as pesticides, herbicides, pollution, artificial light and ultra-processed foods block our ability to digest and absorb the nutrients we need. This happens when our body is no longer able to produce the enzymes that are required to break the nutrients down.

Digestive enzymes

Digestive enzymes were designed to work – that is, to break food down into it’s beneficial units. Unfortunately, we don’t naturally produce every enzyme for every food – and this is down to a combination of genetics, lifestyle, stress levels and environment. Even healthy foods can negatively affect our ability to digest – raw nuts for example, which are a very healthy source of protein and fatty acids - can turn off some of our digestive enzymes. For some people, legumes and seeds will deactivate their enzymes and for others it will be elements found in fruit and vegetables.

Early signs of digestive enzyme disruption include wind, bloating, loose or runny stools, or the complete opposite - constipation. By using a quality, targetted, well blended supplement like Enzymedica’s – you can reinvigorate your digestive system and dramatically reduce those digestive enzyme related tummy troubles.

Enzyme Nutrition Two Daily is designed to provide well rounded digestive support, along with the critical nutrients and minerals needed for a healthy body.

Let’s take a closer look at why this combination of enzymes, nutrients and minerals makes Enzyme Nutrition Two Daily a super supplement.


Enzyme Nutrition Two Daily contains all of the enzymes required to properly break down proteins from animal and vegetable sources into absorbable amino acids.

Protein is used for building the body’s structures and functions – that is, the body’s building blocks. Injured and skin in need of repair? Protein is the answer. Feeling poorly and need immune cells? Protein is required. Overdone exercising and need to build and repair muscle? You need protein.  Everything the body makes, it makes with protein. Healthy proteins are also a good source of critical nutrients such as B complex vitamins as well as A, D and K .

In order to benefit from the protein, the digestive system must convert it into its smallest parts and it uses stomach acid and digestive enzymes to do this.

When we chew and swallow protein, it reaches the stomach in a form that is like a tangled-up ball of wool. Hydrochloric acid unravels and untangles the protein into straight lines, allowing enzymes to act as scissors, cutting it into microscopic pieces (amino acids). Once proteins are broken down to this miniscule levels, they can be absorbed into the bloodstream and used by the body.

Protein can be found in meat, vegetarian and vegan foods – although vegan proteins can be difficult to digest for some people.


Enzyme Nutrition Two Daily contains the enzymes required to break down carbohydrates into absorbable units to provide energy and nutrition.

Carbohydrates are the body’s main fuel supply, providing our cells with the energy they need to do their work. Not only are fruit and vegetables a good source of carbohydrates, they are also a good provider of nutrients and minerals too. Our body uses pancreatic enzymes to release the available energy and nutrition which is found in carbohydrates. These are highly specific enzymes, designed to break down different forms of carbohydrate. When we lack these enzymes, it can make us feel gassy, bloated and uncomfortable after eating a meal. This is when supplementing with a carbohydrate-focused digestive enzyme can be very helpful.




Healthy fats are broken down in the intestines into smaller molecules called lipids. These are helped by fat digesting enzymes called lipases and bile salts which are produced by the liver and stored in the gallbladder. Healthy fats are responsible for hormonal balance, transporting fat soluble nutrients such as Vitamins A, D, E and K and maintaining our brain and nervous system. Fats are also a backup energy source – when the body runs out of glucose from carbohydrates, it switches to using fat instead. Healthy fats such as oily fish, avocados and eggs tend to be very nutrient dense and contain good anti-inflammatory benefits, such as omega 3 fatty acids.

Essential Vitamins

Enzyme Nutrition Two Daily contains all 13 essential vitamins.

Essential vitamins are nutrients that the body cannot make by itself and need to be absorbed from the diet. Vitamins are co-factors that make cells work. We can think of metabolism as an engine; it’s the part of the body that makes things happen – converting - energy to action, fats to hormones and injuries into healed tissue.

Most essential vitamins are potent antioxidants.

Vitamin A – for healthy skin, teeth and bones

Vitamin D – for the immune system and calcium usage throughout the body

Vitamin E – for healthy red blood cells and a powerful antioxidant

Vitamin K – for healthy blood clotting after a wound or injury

B6 – Pyridoxine for blood and brain health

B12 – for energy production

Vitamin C – a potent antioxidant needed for iron absorption, healthy skin and immunity

Biotin – used by the body to make essential fatty acids

Folate – needed for healthy blood cells and DNA

Pantothenic acid – important for digesting food and healthy hormones

Thiamine – helps the body convert carbohydrates into energy

Choline – critical for a healthy brain, nervous system and heart function

Carnitine – is used to convert fatty acids into energy


Enzyme Nutrition Two Daily contains all of the essential minerals needed for a healthy system.

Minerals are activators and balancers of the body. Besides digestive enzymes, the body has over 3,000 other enzymes that are responsible for making it work. Enzymes help convert one thing to another (like glucose into energy, for example). Minerals are needed to help regulate the speed of enzymes and their actions – such as nerve impulses, reflexes, muscle movements, or thoughts. They also maintain optimal fluid balance throughout the body and build healthy bones, teeth and nails. Without essential minerals, the body simply cannot stay healthy.

Calcium – every muscle and movement in the body uses calcium

Chloride – balances water, pH and stomach acid

Potassium – essential for water and blood pressure balance in the body

Magnesium – responsible for activating over 300 different critical enzyme systems of the body

Sodium – plays a large role in nutrient absorption, pH and water balance

Phosphorus – is used for the generation of energy, healthy bones and DNA

Sulphur – critical for healthy bones and cells

If you are subjected to modern pollutants and nutrition depletion, try supplementing with Enzymedica’s Enzyme Nutrition Two Daily which contains everything your body needs. Just 2 capsules per day will give you all 6 major elements and this is backed by Enzymedica’s - 30 day satisfaction – or money back guarantee.