Food Enzymes - Should you supplement or leave it up to nature?

September 23, 2022 by Leyla Moudden
Food Enzymes - Should you supplement or leave it up to nature?

In an ideal world, we would always say, leave it up to nature; and certainly at Enzymedica UK, we support a food-first approach to regaining and maintaining health, i.e. eating a healthy balanced diet. However, when it comes to digestion – a food first approach can be challenging. Supplementation can offer a helping hand when diet alone isn’t working for you.

Potency - A bucket full v. a capsule – which would you prefer?

To match the potency of a supplement, it is estimated that you would need to eat an entire bucket full of different raw, enzyme-rich, natural foods to provide anything close to the level of digestive support you would get from one capsule of Enzymedica’s Digest Gold™.

In order to digest a meal, you would have to eat between 5 and 10 pineapples in one sitting. That would also mean consuming a lot of carbohydrates, sugars and fibres - and what would you get in return? A mere sprinkle of actual digestive support. On the other hand, one, natural food supplement capsule adds no calories, fillers, binders, irritants, or sugars and is much, much quicker to take .

The challenges of digesting multiple food groups

The naturally occurring enzymes in raw foods tend to be small amounts of proteases which can support protein digestion. However, bloating, flatulence and digestive problems tend to be associated with other non-protein food groups such as bread, gluten, dairy, fruits and vegetables. So, while natural foods can give a little digestive support – they also provide a generous number of common irritants such as carbohydrates, fibres and sugars. Again, supplementing with a natural enzyme is the best way to support digestive issues caused by a broader diet.


Naturally occurring food enzymes tend to be very narrow in their activity range. They are easily deactivated by temperature, pH and the digestive system itself.  Wide variations also occur; the protein digesting enzymes of pineapple for example, are very different to those found in kiwi or papaya. It’s also difficult to know if one papaya has the same enzyme levels as another due to differences in farming methods and processing of foods. You can be sure, the more processing a food has been subjected to, or intensity of production, it will be less beneficial to the human digestion system. None of these problems exist with Enzymedica UK’s supplemental enzymes – they have been specially blended for optimal effect and stability, no matter the circumstances.

In conclusion

Whilst eating enzyme-rich, raw foods is always beneficial for your health, for optimum food digestion or food intolerance support, supplementing with a patented TheraBlendTM natural enzyme from the Enzymedica UK range will significantly enhance your digestive health.

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