Philanthropic Cause - The Coral Microbiome Project

April 23, 2020 by Val Shields
Philanthropic Cause - The Coral Microbiome Project

Mote Marine LaboratoriesWorldwide, the ocean’s coral reefs are being destroyed by pollution, climate change, agricultural run-off and careless tourism.

Without drastic intervention, scientists predict that more than 90% of corals will die by 2050. We risk losing them all, which would mean an entirely different kind of world for future generations.

Coral reefs are integral to the survival of many species of marine life and are home to around 25% of the ocean’s fish and other organisms.

Enzymedica has partnered with Mote Marine Laboratory, a world class institute specialising in aquatic research, to sponsor the planting of one square mile of coral reef.

Mote Marine Labs’ innovative coral growing methods allow corals to grow 40 times faster than previous re-growing techniques. They have underwater nurseries of small polyps of coral that are hand planted on the existing bleached reefs and help the reef to form new colonies of magnificent coral. Since the inception of this project, over 20,000 new corals have been grown.





We thank you for supporting this vital coral restoration mission.

For further information on the Mote Marine Labs project