Signs of Digestive Trouble

February 8, 2023 by Leyla Moudden
Signs of Digestive Trouble

At Enzymedica UK we are obsessed with digestive health. Although having a large range of gut health solutions is a good thing, it can mean that our customers get confused about which products are best suited to their particular digestive health complaints. We have therefore created a Digestive Health Quiz to help you navigate your way through our product range. After you have answered a few short questions, we will be able to give you dietary, lifestyle and supplement advice which will be specific to any digestive challenges you are experiencing. But how would you even know if you have digestive health problems in the first place?  What are the tell-tale signs?

Sign 1 –  Burping, Pressure and Heat in the Chest


An average adult human will burp approximately 30 times a day; in excess of this, can signal that the digestive system needs support.

The most common cause for burping, is swallowing air when eating or drinking. However, stomach acid levels can occasionally be responsible.  Low stomach acid will provide a safe place for a little bug called h-pylori to live and thrive. This also prevents the ‘plug’ that sits between the stomach and the oesophagus from staying open – allowing swallowed food to ferment and the subsequent gases to continuously rise into the throat – resulting in burps and heartburn. Paradoxically, high stomach acid causes the same sensation – only, the cause is excess stomach acid rising into the throat and ‘burning’ the sensitive tissues– causing a sore throat, voice loss and coughing when lying down.

It is essential for digestion to occur in the stomach, to allow effective absorption of proteins and minerals. If you are experiencing burping and heartburn, finding a product that can help reinforce healthy stomach function should improve matters significantly.

Sign 2 – Wind and flatulence within an hour of eating


A 2020 review of medical doctors suggests that a healthy person will fart between 5 and 10 times a day. Flatulence is a result of the wind generated by bacterial fermentation of food in our digestive tract.

When wind and flatulence become excessive, painful, odorous or uncomfortable – or if the stomach feels stretched and over-inflated within an hour of eating – it may be a signal that your gut bacteria are struggling to process your food and there is excessive fermentation in the bowel.  Foul smells in particular, signal that gut bacteria are struggling to clear the colon.

If you know the foods that cause excessive wind for you - perhaps it’s dairy, gluten, a vegetable or beans – a targeted enzyme blend may be all you need. If your bloating seems random and unpredictable, more general digestive support will be required. For example, Enzymedica’s Digest Gold can do wonders for your tummy.

Sign 3 – Faster or slower transit time

Emptying the bowels is the body’s way of ridding waste – and while everyone’s physiology and circumstances will affect their regularity, 1 -3 times per day is considered normal for the average person.

Older people, or those who eat less and metabolise their meals a little slower, may have less frequent bowel motions and may visit the bathroom as little as once per week. If that’s the norm for them and they suffer no discomfort, it’s unlikely that there is an underlying problem.

The key signal - is change. If you’re a 2 times per day person, but suddenly you need to go 5 times a day  – your digestion is likely disrupted by something in your diet. Watery, painful or fast bowel motions can signal a food intolerance, while very slow or stuck bowels can indicate low stomach acid, or a problem with digesting fats and proteins.

Whatever the bowel change, if your medical professional doesn’t consider it serious, you could consider enzymes for some relief.

Sign 4 – Sleepy after meals


Feeling sleepy after a meal (the post-lunch dip in energy) can be indicative of a digestive vulnerability to a food, or meal size.

The body acquires all of its nutrition and energy via eating and digesting – so when we eat, our bodies prioritise the critical act of digesting our food.  When digestion is poor, the body has to borrow energy from other sources to provide the energy needed for digestion.

If you regularly feel sleepy after meals and there is an issue with digestion – nutrient deficiencies such as anaemia, poor skin tone, weak or cracked nails and limp hair may begin to show.  Supporting your diet with the right product can make a dramatic difference to post-meal fatigue and enhance your nutrient uptake too. The result? More energy. At Enzymedica UK, it’s our goal to de-mystify digestive health problems and the role that natural enzymes can play in their relief.  

In Conclusion

Enzymedica’s wide range of enzyme products are formulated to enhance and support digestion - whether they are dealing with a general issue associated with  proteins, carbohydrates and fats or something much more specific like gluten, dairy, or vegetables – there is a product there to meet all digestive needs.

Take the Enzymedica Digestive Health Quiz to find out which Enzymedica Enzyme Blend is best suited for your digestion, and get 20% off your next order. Results within 30 days or your money back. 

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