The Gut Microbiome & Omegas

April 23, 2020 by Val Shields
The Gut Microbiome & Omegas

In his article "Fish Oils: a Powerful Fuel for Microbiome Diversity and Gastrointestinal Health", (Vitamin Retailer, Feb 2019), Dr. Mike Murray talks about the gut microbiome and the crucial role it plays in digestive, immune and mental health. He opines that seeding the microbiome with probiotics has limited benefits; instead, stating fish oils that provide higher levels of DHA to EPA, exert a more profound effect on the microbiome and greater anti-inflammatory effects especially in the gut. 

DHA appears to be the key omega for influencing the microbiome. Discovery of resolvins and protectins has helped to understand why DHA is better at reducing inflammatory conditions in the gastrointestinal tract and improving the microbiome than EPA. 

Dr. Murray believes, the ideal ratio for omegas to most profoundly affect the microbiome is DHA 4: EPA 2: DPA 1 - similar to that found in wild Alaskan salmon. 

Using the latest TMET technology, Enzymedica has blended the optimal mix of DHA, EPA, and DPA omegas with other natural plant extracts to produce a range of products - the first to be designed for the human microbiome.

Read Dr. Murray's full article here