L Constipation D D Primary Recommendation

July 26, 2022 by Leyla Moudden
L Constipation D D Primary Recommendation

Enzymedica’s Prebiotic Superfoods Drink Mix is a next-generation prebiotic formula. These non-digestible, but fermentable, diary fibers and oligosaccharides act as a fertilizer for the healthy bacteria in the gut.* This Enzymedica formula contains incredibly wide range of diverse prebiotic compounds to promote the growth of the trillions of good microbes in the gut microbiome. The formula includes:

• Ohtaka Superfood Blend: This uniquely crafted blend of 50 superfoods contains an unprecedented number of beneficial compounds that provide nourishment for the microbiome.* These ingredients are fermented from natural plant material primarily sourced from fertile farms in Japan and Italy.
• Organic fermented barley grass juice provides a rich source of chlorophyll and other plant pigments with potent benefits. Barley grass juice is valued for its support of detoxification, elimination and overall digestion health.*
• Organic gum acacia provides unique prebiotic fibers that target the large intestine to support regularity and keep the digestive system moving efficiently.*
• FOS, or fructo-oligosaccarides, are fiber compounds with exceptional prebiotic effects.*
• GOS, or galacto-oligosaccharies, are prebiotic fibers naturally found in human milk that are responsible for many of the beneficial effects associated with breastfeeding infants by helping to establish a healthy microbiome.*

The recommended dosage is two servings daily.

Additional Recommendation

Berberine is a beneficial alkaloid found in many plants, including goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis) and barberry (Berberis vulgaris). Enzymedica’s Berberine can provide additional support for gas and bloating by promoting microbial balance in the small intestine, as well helping pass food through the gut. The recommended dosage is 500 mg before meals.