Everything You Need to Know About Enzymes - Bohager

Tom Bohager’s accessible, authoritative guide to enzyme therapy is now out in paperback. Everything You Need to Know About Enzymes offers simple, natural methods for improving your health dramatically without dramatic changes in lifestyle. Bohager’s quick course explains how to use enzymes for general good health and to treat specific ailments and how better health can come from readily available, over-the-counter enzyme supplements.

As health care costs in the United States soar, more and more people are interested in improving their health through safe, affordable, noninvasive, nonprescription remedies. Enzymes in particular are gaining popularity because of their proven effectiveness and ease of use. For readers interested in improving digestion, strengthening the immune system, restoring energy levels, slowing the aging process, or treating common maladies, Everything You Need to Know About Enzymes is the quick-action guide to optimal health.